For many types of home improvement in Orlando, the primary benefits that you receive center on energy efficiency, style, and durability. But what if there were a single home improvement that could impact not only your house itself, but the health, safety, and comfort of your family as well?

Well, this home improvement does exist! And it’s probably both simpler and more surprising than you might think: a water purification installation.

Common Problems Caused by Hard or Impure Water

You may never have even thought about it before, but unfiltered water flowing through your Orlando home could be causing a number of issues:

·  A strange odor or taste to your tap water

·  Pipes that are clogged with mineral deposits

·  Built-up soap residue and detergent on dishes and clothing

·  Dark, rusty, or crusty stains on your toilets, sinks, and bathing features

·  Body soap that won’t lather or rinse off completely

·  Scratchy, rough, or easily worn-down clothing and linens

·  Appliances that wear out far too quickly

·  Skin irritation like itching, eczema, or rashes

Have you experienced these all-too-common concerns? Issues like these may be easy to brush off or attribute to other causes, but if you’ve noticed more than one of them, odds are high that you have an at-home water problem!

Water Purification and Softening: Health and Comfort Benefits

Although the quality of your home’s water can affect nearly every aspect of your day-to-day life, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the nature of your water concern, the proper solution will vary. At Home Makeover Systems, we offer several types of water-improving systems—all manufactured by the premier brand Trident Water Solutions—to address the entire spectrum of water quality issues:

·  Water Softener Systems: Our water softeners filter out hazardous particles, contaminants, and odors while retaining necessary minerals like calcium and magnesium.

·  Water Purification Systems: Using a patented 4-stage filter media process, our water purification systems clean your home’s water without requiring salt or electricity.

·  Water Conditioners: Like all of our Trident products, our water conditioners are manufactured exclusively for Home Makeover Systems—designed in Florida for Florida homes!

Ready to Purify Your Home’s Water? Get a Free Estimate for Trident Water Solutions

Whether you need a water purification replacement or a brand-new installation, Home Makeover Systems is here to bring the fresh, clean water your family deserves. By purifying your Orlando home’s water, we’ll help eliminate foul smells, extend the lifetime of your appliances, and make your daily care routine more enjoyable.

Give us a call today to find out more about Trident Water Solutions products, or go ahead and request your free in-home estimate by completing our simple online form now.