If dry hair, dry skin, visible white mineral deposits in your sink or bathtub, and white film on your dishes and glassware sound familiar, it’s likely that you’re dealing with hard water. While it’s annoying to have unsightly white film coating your drinking glasses and it’s unpleasant to deal with dry skin, hard water can be more than a nuisance - it can cause problems with your pipes.

At Home Makeover Systems, we offer a number of water purification system installation systems, including saltless water purification options to combat hard water and make it softer. Why choose a salt-free system to soften your water? Keep reading to find out what makes our saltless water purification a great choice for your Orlando home.

Benefits of Choosing Saltless Water Softeners from Home Makeover Systems

Home Makeover Systems offers exclusive Trident products that deliver results and offer the best value. Your system will be installed by trained and certified Trident product specialists, and with its lifetime warranty, your purchase will be protected for years to come. Why choose the Trident saltless water purification system from Home Makeover Systems? Our system:

  Eliminates water odor

  Softens water for better hair and skin and protection of your plumbing and appliances

  Removes unwanted minerals but retains necessary magnesium and calcium

  Features all-natural technology for efficiency

  Saves money on salt and electricity cost

If you’re looking for an efficient, cost-effective, and natural way to soften your home’s water, choose a saltless water purification system from Home Makeover Systems. To find out more about our products and our process, give us a call or complete our online contact form to request your free, no-obligation project estimate.