Home Makeover Systems Now Offers Brita PRO Whole Home Water Systems

Brita PRO products are made in Florida for local homeowners to deliver outstanding water quality.

Brita PRO

Home Makeover Systems is dedicated to helping our clients revamp their homes. From water filtration systems to exterior repairs, we have been building long-lasting relationships with customers since 1985. We are committed to providing the highest-quality work with a focus on reliability. We are proud to say that every project estimate and solution we offer are as straightforward and accurate as possible. The products that we provide and promote are industry standards that are proven to be the best option for our clients. This is why we offer Brita PRO Whole Home Water Systems, which is one of the best water treatment systems on the market. If you are looking for a Brita PRO water treatment system or to learn more about the services Home Makeover Systems offer, call Home Makeover Systems today!

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Home Makeover Systems Is Dedicated To Your Home

Not only are we at Home Makeover Systems always honest about the products and services we can deliver to work on your home, we often exceed the expectations of our customers. We also provide customers with in-house brands which are designed specifically and developed for the Central Floridian environment. Every project that we take on and product we promote comes with a long-lasting warranty to further protect the investment you make with us. The Brita PRO is no exception. This is why you can always choose Home Makeover Systems when you want the job done right. Here at Home Makeover Systems, we aim to offer our customers key services such as the Brita PRO water filtration system in order to continuously maintain and protect their homes for the long term. In fact, a lot of the products that we use for our home renovation services are exclusive, in-house brands which have been developed specifically in order to fight damage from Floridian weather and ocean water. Moreover, we also provide lifetime warranties on a variety of our products and services so that our customers can relax with the knowledge that the products such as the Brita PRO we provide are protected against potential damage and defects.

Brita PRO System

Brita PRO Water Softeners and Filters can help to improve the quality and taste of your household water. No matter if you have hard water or some other concern, Home Makeover Systems can help you provide solutions. The Brita PRO water filter system helps to prevent hardened water filled with minerals such as calcium and magnesium from damaging your household appliances. Hard water can leave mineral deposits in the pipes within your walls and slow down your appliances, along with a myriad array of health problems. The Brita PRO System currently offers:

  • The most advanced programmable valve head
  • Metered upflow or downflow regeneration for efficiency and improved water quality
  • Smart Profile that builds capacity based on usage profile
  • 1” porting for high flow for larger homes
  • IAPMO to NSF/ANSI 44 Certified

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The Brita PRO is one of the best water treatment systems available on the market. Call Home Makeover Systems in Orlando to find out more today!

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