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47 reviews

Great Customer Service!

This company is great to work with and provide excellent customer service!
- Christy C.

Great Customer Service

First we have to say we love the water treatment system that has been installed by Home Make Over. We had a few ssues and want to commend the Customer Service Rep we talked to {Tara} she was Professional, Personable, Friendly, Caring and very Respectful. She listened to our issue and made arrangements to seen out a Tech, she is a great asset to the company. After several Techs came out to our home "Tara" send out "Sunil", who was able to fix our issues and also corrected an installation issue that he discovered. These two employees turned a bad experience into a Great Experience. We have recommended the company and our Terminator System to our neighbors. Thank you Tara for staying on top of our issues and Thank You Sunil for your professionalism and dedication to Customer Satisfaction. Dan Cimini
- Daniel C.

Great Service!

The Water Treatment is amazing! Thank you so much Home Make Over Systems!
- James S.


Excellent product for my home and I really do love it. When installed my home looked brand new and the interior was noticeably cooler! Thank you Home Makeover Systems for doing exactly what you said you were going to do!
- Brett b.

Trident SFC

The Trident water system that Home Makeover Systems recently installed in my home has been great. Service Rep Joe Nash's exceptional presentation and briefing on system operation/future expectations was what sold me on the system (no more salt buying or yearly tune-ups). Installation was completed quickly and efficiently and has been every bit as good as advertised so far. I was completely satisfied with the experience and, should the occasion arise again, would definitely use this company again.
- Donald P.

Excellent service!

I bought the Puronics system five years ago. I was shocked how it made my water taste. When hurricane Irma came through, she caused it to lose power. When I called to have it fixed, they offered me an upgrade to the trident system. I was hesitant at first as I was $100 away from paying it off. However, with the promise of no maintenance for 30 years, no use of electricity or water to run its cycle, and the assurance knowing that the three carcinogens in my water would be removed i was sold. My salesman Joe Nash was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was able to answer all my questions and was even able to get my Trident installed the same day! Now, that it has been installed, I have nothing but good things to say! My hair feels amazing and the water tastes even better than Puronics system! I'm so glad I made the switch. Thank you!
- Kaylee M.

Great service and exception product

As a retired mechanical engineer I was very intrigued by the product claims. After visiting with our representative, who inspected our entire exterior... including the foundation (which was in fact absorbing and retaining moisture, we decided to have it put on the house. The process and professionalism were equally impressive. During the power outages is when we really appreciated the climate benefits, our house did not get to hot despite the lack of air conditioning for several days. Also the lack of maintenance and the semi glossy look, which nearly everyone compliments, we would surely recommend it to anyone. It looks the same now as the day it was put on nearly 4 years ago... thank you.
- Harold P.

Marc's professionalism and knowledge

Marc seems very knowledgeable of his company's product and is very professional in his presentation of the company. He was very pleasant to do business with and very helpful in getting me the product I needed at a cost that I could afford
- Bonnie S.


My husband and I have been customers of Home Makeover Systems for years and were very happy with our original salt system until we heard about Trident SFC. Joe Nash came out to the house and after listening to him and recognizing his passion for clean water we knew we needed the new Trident salt free/no electricity system . Installation was the following day, handled by James. It was a breeze and James hauled away the old system. If you have concerns about the water you’re drinking the Trident is for you and ask for Joe.
- Cindy D.

Long time customer just upgraded

As a Marine Corps veteran I was really pleased with the treatment and extra service that David and the Home Makeover Systems team provided to me. I've been a customer since 2006 and was very pleased with their system and service over the years but inquired about upgrading to a salt free system and David came out to walk me through the differences and provided me with the information without any pressure sales. I look forward to an upgraded system and continuing on as a customer and would recommend the same to others. Thanks to David and team for the continued service and support of a fellow veteran.
- Michael M.

Sue R.

I purchased my whole home, water filtration salt system from Home Makeover Systems over a decade ago and have enjoyed my quality water. When I had found out that they were offering a salt-free system, I wanted more information on it as I was tired of the yearly maintenance and messing around with 40 lbs bags of salt every couple of months. When their promotional representative David came over, not only was he very knowledgeable and professional, but he was extremely helpful, polite, and made the entire experience of upgrading to the new system easy and comforting. The company was able to provide me with a quick and professional, same day installation. I am very happy with my new Trident SFC system and the continued professionalism of Home Makeover Systems. David is a top notch promotional rep with them and would highly recommend this company to anyone and would suggest asking for David if you do.
- Happy customer for over 13yrs

Very please with this outfit

We had a Trident SFC whole home water filtration unit installed in our home by Home Makeover Systems & are extremely happy with the quality of the water & improved health benefits by moving away from having an old salt system to a newer salt free system. We have been equally impressed with the exemplary professionalism & level of customer service we experienced with this outfit from their home office people, the owner, the installer/technician, & most importantly their field representative David. David was very professional, courteous, & accommodating. Home Makeover Systems, pound for pound, is by far the best in-home company we have done business with.
- Gino G.

Very Pleased

I am very pleased with my new water system unit. Not only is it slim, taking less space, but the fact that I don't have to ever buy salt pellets again, is a relief. The bags were getting heavier every year. David Vargas was very informative and I believe him that this system is better for our health. Also, we won't have to buy soaps or detergents for a long time. Barbara Knabenshue.
- Barbara K.

3 tier painting

I hired Home Makeover Systems to perform their 3 stage painting, which included the bond, primer and paint. While they were more expensive than other choices, their warranty and professionalism made me happy that I went with them. In addition, to the painting they took the time to fill in the cracks and make a minor repair on a corner of my house that required some spackle. They came out several times while I reviewed paint colors. The painters were professional and made sure everything was correct. The owner also called several days after to follow up and make sure everything was to my satisfaction. They took the extra steps to make sure everything was correct and I was happy. I'd recommend them in the future.
- Graham F.

exterior painting

I am very pleased with the exterior paint job of my home.Everyone from the vice president ,marketing and painters were very professional,courteous and informative. I am pleased with the product and will recommend this service to all my friends.The painters worked non stop and clean up was great.Thank you for the exceptional experience.sincerely Janet Ralston Palm Bay ,fl.
- Janet r.

Saltless Water Softener

Both the salesman and the installer were very professional and nice. The water system was installed the very next day after purchase, and works very well. Our neighborhood is known for having some of the worst tap water in Central Florida, but thanks to this system, our tap water in our home is actually some of the best water you can get, and it's a difference you can both taste and smell -- or should I say not smell, since we no longer smell the chlorine in the tap water from the next room over. The system itself is not bulky by any means, so we're pleased with that as well. And I'm looking forward to a better harvest from our aeroponic garden now as well, since this water is so much better for the plants than what we able to do with either our city water or salt softened water.
- Aaron

Nothing but perfect

I am pleased to have been serviced by your company during the past twelve years since I had my water softener installed, you’ve done a great job maintaining it and get it to produce outstanding water perfect not to forget that I live in Wedgefield and have Pluris company providing not so good water. Again I thank you for your support and five stars services
- Tony

Superior Product and Service

HomeMakeover Systems installed a "Terminator" water treatment system (which includes a salt water softener) in 2017. My experience with the company has been fantastic. Everyone has been great to work with. I have to give the installer extra credit for squeezing behind a huge Bird of Paradise 🙂 One time I noticed that the salt pellets were not going down, called customer service, and they came out right away to fix the problem (a pebble got sucked in somehow and prevented the float valve from operating). The marketing and account guys who came to the house were great to work with. Regarding the product, the water is perfectly pure, and my wife loves the soft water the way it feels with the hair shampoo as well as how it feels so silky on the skin. Me, I just get the satisfaction of knowing the water is perfectly clean (especially after knowing how it tested before). Excellent team and great product.
- Gary G.

Tom D.

I thoroughly enjoy my Trident water system. The water is soft and we get our clothes and body squeaky clean. A great system.
- Trident System

ClimaGuard Exterior Painting

The house needed a paint job and we we were thinking of hiring someone when HomeMakeover Systems installed the Terminator water treatment system in 2017. We were so satisfied with that project that we decided to do it right and not It just slap on another coat of paint. It was a great experience; everyone - from the marketing team to the account project team to the installers to customer service to the head of the company. They made sure that we were completely satisfied and did not finish until every little issue was addressed. The house looks great and the ClimaGuard 3-coat system gives me peace of mind. (A shout out to "Big Al" ... his style of leadership extends to everyone in the company. Fun fellow to talk to and a guy who is not happy until we are.)
- Gary G.

Exterior of House Painted with Climaguard Elite

i had a wonderful experience. Orlando, Miguel, & Hector painted the exterior of my house with Climaguard Elite. My house had not been painted in years. Orlando, Miguel, & Hector did a great job. I am very happy. My house looks brand new. Orlando, Miguel, & Hector worked very hard, and they went beyond the call of duty.
- Denise D.

love you product

love your work

Great product.

I love my water system so much.
- Carmen R.

Exterior Paint

We are so pleased with the results! The Team was terrific and took care of every small detail! I would highly recommend!
- Beth T.

Water Is So Soft

Appointments are always on time and the techs are always professional and courteous. The water system is great and I would recommend this company to everyone.
- Yvonne G.

Water softener service

I recommend great southern water treatment to anyone taking care of their water softener.They have done great service and are very professional we are happy with the service
- Jose a.

Water Softener Service

I recommend great Southern water treatment to taking care of their water Softener.they done great service and are very professional we are happy with the Service
- Jose a.

5 star

the equipment is very good,the service is great.the tech people are very professional,they arrive on time and go to work. never had a problem. i would recommend this company to any one
- Billy h.

The Best...

Home Makeover Systems is the go to for whatever you need - house painted, water softener service call them!!! They are professional & personable. They care about their clients - go over and above to make sure they're happy with what's been done to their home. One day we called with a simple, not urgent question but the office was closed - I didn't leave a message. The next day Jeannie calls us, I was wondering why forgetting that I called her. She said she saw that we called so she wanted to get back to us to make sure everything was okay. I did not leave a message!! She took valuable time away from her busy schedule to scroll through her missed calls, saw our name & phoned us back. I was stunned - who does that!!! This is definitely the company to call if you want a great product, things done correctly and in a timely manner - Home Makeover Systems!!!
- Diane D.

Service/Maintenance on water softner

I was having an order problem and some stiffening of wash clothes and towels..called for service/maintenance and someone was at my house within a few days (I had called too close to the weekend). I was very pleased with the service I received..unit was flushed and new filter added. It's only been a month since the maintenance and I have no more odor or stiffening of wash clothes or towels. Service and office personnel were very professional and knew exactly what was needed. Thanks to all.
- Terry L.

Awesome job

I recently had my house painted by Home Makeover Systems using their Climaguard paint. I was very happy with the professionalism of the representative that came to my home to explain the product to me, Paul Long, as well as the crew who actually did the work. Top to bottom it was an awesome job!
- Robert C.

Awesome Job Wife is HAPPY, so HAPPY LIFE

From the sales rep. Paul Long, to the finished job, the team of personnel that painted and a little bit of carpentry the house needed did an outstanding job. I was prepared to have workers at the house for 2 days and they worked until the job was finished and it took 1 day. we are very happy with the job. A week later Paul Long came out to the house and looked over the job to make sure everything was done, that was above and beyond the sales rep. job. If you are thinking about having your house painted you will not be disappointed.
- Stanley R.

Great water treatment

Very good anytime i need anything they are able to get me someone the same day to come check and or fix
- Joan P.

House paint

Absolutely love the way the house looks and to think we won't have to worry about a thing for 30 years. Paul was great explaining the 3 step process and the guys who did all the work did a great job would definitely recommend this company
- Chris L.


Home Makeover Systems coated our house and did a outstanding job! The promotional specialist to the customer service were really great to work with. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a final solution to painting the exterior of your house. 30 year warranty makes it an easy decision!
- Tammy

30 year warranty

Using a local business is important to me and this one is top notch. It was the 30 year warranty on exterior paint and the people that helped me through the process that sealed the deal.
- Ralph

Additional review

In my original review I did not mention my sales rep. His name is Paul Long. He did a great job explaining your company product. He was very personable & took his time to answer all my question. I will be pleased to give anyone who inquires, your company information. FYI, I love my new paint color & have gotten several compliments on it. 5 STARS!
- Cynthia S.

Great customer service

I really love the service the company offers, Kahtrell was very kind, knowledge and helpful and answered every question I had. Amazing service!
- Philip S.

Water purification

Excellent, kahtrell was kind , wry informative, quick and productive , this company never lets me down
- Mario


Home Makeover Systems promised me the world and they delivered with their superior service and performance!
- James G.

Home Makeover

Their cost is more than a regular home paint professional, However it is worth it! We won t have to paint our home again for 30 years( guaranteed), while we have seen our neighbor paint his home 3 times in5 years because of fading from this FL sun. We immediately noticed rooms in our home are cooler than before!
- Jon H.


Very satisfied with the paint. Did a great job with everything. Would highly recommend to family and friends. Was happy Home Makeover quickly addressed any problems that did occur.
- Richard Z.

Cheryl Lane

Looks beautiful!! I would definitely recommend to the neighbors in our community. The paint crew did an A+ job.
- Clemente C.

10/5 stars

I’m thrilled to death with this job. We had Herby and Andy at our house in Orlando and they were wonderful. They did a very professional job and I would recommended anyone to use this company. The house came out beautiful !
- Harold S.

Great Job!

The crew worked hard and was very efficient. Very happy with the final product of our home in Altamonte Springs. We have received lots of compliments from neighbors!
- Brad/Rachel D.

Great job of painting our house

They explained how they would do our exterior painting and delivered every step of the way. The technicians were very professional and produced a high quality finished product.. They were very friendly and offered their professional opinion on some questions we had and helped us make several decisions that were the right ones. Outstanding company that we have recommended to neighbors that commented what a great paint job and will continue to recommend them as a company to consider if you are looking for a quality paint job.
- TJ K.

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