Drinking your home’s water shouldn’t be risky…

Hans Premium Water CFL

...nor should taking a shower, or washing your vegetables. But as a resident of the Orlando area, you probably know that the water coming into your home contains more than H2O. It also contains an array of contaminants that may include arsenic, chromium hexavalent, triahalomethanes, 1,3-butadiene, haloactic acids, molybdenum, nitrate, strontium and wadium* not to mention all the chlorine and fluoride.

Your Water Softener Can't Protect Your Family. A HANS™ Premium Water Appliance Can.

A Hans™ Premium Water Appliance will give your family really, really, really clean water throughout your whole house.

  • Cleaner than Federal Standards
  • Cleaner than health guidelines
  • Way cleaner than what you have now.

Imagine… great-tasting, crystal-clear, odor-free, virtually contaminant-free water for drinking, bathing and cooking. And no more bags of salt.

The Hans™ Premium Water Appliance is now available in your area. Call the number below to find out how to protect your family with the most advances whole-house water treatment appliance ever made, and get your free water test.

Whole-house system for
$106 per month
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Hans Premium Water CFL

*Based on water samples taken from the Orlando Utilities Commission by Environmental Working Group in 2013. See ewg.org for more details.

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