Water as it Should Be: Clean, Clear, & Pure

With our tank water purification system, you can get crystal clear water from every tap in your Palm Bay home.

Palm Bay Water Purification

From problems with hard water to water stains and even rotten egg odors, the water entering your home can have multiple issues. Many people dealing with such issues opt for bottled water rather than put up with the smells and taste of mineral-rich water. Plus, your fixtures and appliance may be damaged by rust stains and calcium build up. To combat these challenges, Home Makeover Systems has developed our own Palm Bay water purification system, which effectively removes the offending iron and sulfur that is fouling your water. We also offer local Palm Bay water softeners to neutralize hard water!

Palm Bay Bathroom Remodeling & Water Purification

While you may be considering a bath remodel to give your rust-stained fixtures some new life, HMS also recommends the installation of our water purification systems too. Problematic water supply will continue to stain and cause a buildup of calcium and magnesium on your brand new fixtures. With our single tank system in place at the connection to your home, every tap and faucet will provide clear, pure water to use and drink.

We’re pleased to offer this service as well as several others, including:

  • Palm Bay Bathroom Remodeling
  • Palm Bay Exterior Paint
  • Home Exterior Coatings

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